"The End of Days..."

Ragnarok is no normal being. Instead, they are a collection of beings of another plane of existence, driven to do only one thing: consume.

Ragnarok are not a living thing. They are a force of nature, akin to an earthquake or a tsunami. Trying to stop them would be like trying to hold back a hurricane with a handkerchief.

The Far PastEdit

When the universe was still young, cosmic energy begat life within the universe. The chaotic energies released from this unprecedented event also created another being: the hive colony known as the Ragnarok. They took upon themselves the mantle of Destroyer, vowing to end the universe and absorb all of its energy.

Unfortunately for the Ragnarok, but fortunately for everything else, the Wanderer and the Doktor, two opposing forces of good and evil, managed to defeat the Ragnarok before it completed its mission, sealing it within the prison of Equilibrium. However, neither the Wanderer nor the Doktor got out unscathed; the Wanderer was consumed by an obsession with Balance, while the Doktor descended into new depths of immorality and chose to interfere in humanity. This eventually resulted in Project Armageddon.


Within the alternate dimension of Equilibrium, Ragnarok sat and brooded for billions of years, swearing revenge on the Doktor and the Wanderer. As the Wanderer's power weakened and the Balance began to tilt, Ragnarok found their power growing. Attacking at Raven's Point, they attempted to force a human, Agent York, into releasing them, but fled when they sensed the Doktor's presence nearby. They were unaware that it was simply Agent Vermont.


The Ragnarok soon found themselves an opening to reawaken, forcing their way out of the Equilibrium prison and destroying the Head Alien, who had possessed the Wanderer's body. Taking flight, they decided to formulate a plan to destroy the universe once and for all and finally fulfill their goal.

Soon after, they attacked the Doktor at his home in Paris, destroying it and forcing the Doktor into space, impaled upon a volcano. Some time after that, they met and fought Lt. Incognito at the new Freelancer HQ at Zanzibar. Incognito trapped the Ragnarok within his head and, with the help of Agent Rhode Island, moved them into a capture unit. For the moment, they were trapped.