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Qoppa, otherwise known as either Koppa or Ϙoppa, was an A.I. and the manifestation of the Alpha's adaptability. He/she/it alternated personality and even gender according to both its own volition and the circumstances surrounding it.


Qoppa, like most other Freelancer-associated A.I., began life as a fragment of the original Alpha A.I. Qoppa was one of the first separated, in fact the fourth to separate (after Tex, Omega, and Gamma). Deemed unstable by the Director, Qoppa was placed in holographic storage with all the other unused A.I. fragments.

In time, however, Qoppa's chance came. The Director had him removed from storage to infiltrate the mind of Agent Puerto Rico and thus keep an eye on his Freelancers. However, Qoppa was over-enthusiastic, and managed to possess Puerto Rico and force him into further levels of idiocy. Eventually, Puerto Rico disposed of the Qoppa unit, and it found its way to Agent Maine.

Qoppa had a tendency to speak in Internet slang and generally terrible grammar in his 'main' personality. Other personalities included a stereotypical redneck, a stereotypical gentleman, and a snake. One thing that remained constant was his tendency to declare 'may his name be praised' whenever the Director was mentioned. Another constant was his use of the emoticon ':3', for reasons as yet unknown.

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