The mark of Project Armageddon.

Project Armageddon was a rogue war project that originated with the Insurrection, but soon branched off into something else entirely. It was headed by the mysterious Doktor.


Project Armageddon was initially conceived as the Insurrectionist answer to Project Freelancer. With eighty-three agents (named after Russian subjects, or oblasts), the Armageddon agents would outnumber the Freelancers almost two-to-one.

However, the big mistake of the Insurrectionists was allowing the Doktor to head it. As soon as he was sure he had full control, he staged a betrayal and separated from the Insurrection. He continued the Armageddon project, but with a much different purpose than that envisioned by the Insurrectionists...

Rise and FallEdit

After the first fall of Armageddon, the Doktor chose the disgraced former Director of Project Freelancer, Dr. Leonard Church, to act as head of the rebooted Armageddon. When he proved disloyal, the Doktor instead headed it himself once again.

Reactivating the Four Horsemen, the Doktor made it his personal mission to break the morale of the Freelancers. Unfortunately, the Wanderer, angered by the Doktor's actions, interfered for the first documented time in history and skewed the Balance. The resulting shift in reality forced the Doktor into a human form. Powerless and humiliated, the Doktor retreated, ending Project Armageddon proper.


The symbol of Armageddon Novus.

Armageddon NovusEdit

However, this did not end the enmity between the Freelancers and the Armageddon agents. Together, Agents Volgograd and Smolensk restarted it under the name Project Armageddon Novus. They soon recruited a number of allies, both former agents and not. This number included Agents Ryazan, Moscow, Khoborovsk, and Primorsky of Armageddon, Agents Indiana, Vermont (Voronezh), and Minnesota (Kurgen), and the A.I. Tau of Freelancer, and Deadshot of the Insurrection.

Soon after, the combined efforts of Iowa and ODST 239 scattered the new Project. And not too long after that, the former Armageddon agent Murmansk, crazed with newfound power, proceeded to single-handedly murder almost every Novus agent. At that point, Armageddon was finished forever.