"It is an undeniable and may I say fundamental quality of man that when faced with extinction, every alternative is preferable."

Dr. Leonard Church is the former Director of Project Freelancer and a temporary Commander of Project Armageddon.

Before FreelancerEdit

Before Project Freelancer ever came into existence, Leonard Church worked as a military adviser under the UNSC's intelligence branch, ONI. There, he met Katie Lennox, the woman who would later go on to be a founder of the Insurrection.

He also met a SPARTAN there, Allison, who he ended up falling in love with. However, when Allison went to go fight the Insurrection, she was caught in a nuclear explosion presumable ordered by Lennox and marked M.I.A. (which of course for SPARTANs usually indicates death). Consumed by grief, Church withdrew into himself for a period of time before returning to the UNSC as the Director of the top secret military project, Project Freelancer.

Return to the ProjectEdit

After a period of time as Director, Dr. Church was placed under arrest by the UNSC for the torture of the Alpha A.I. unit. Some time after, the Doktor pulled a few strings and had him moved from a top-security prison to his home, where he was placed merely under house arrest. In time, he made contact with Project Freelancer once more, ready to take his position as Director.

However, the UNSC found out about his activities and arrested him. At the same time, a group of Freelancers consisting of Agents Vermont, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Maine was set to kill him and rescue Iowa, who both happened to be in the same prison. However, during the rescue of Iowa, the Doktor rescued the real Dr. Church and replaced him with a clone, which was what the agents ultimately found.

Katie LennoxEdit

Dead Once MoreEdit