"I am Famine. I am Armageddon."

Agent Volgograd was a member of Project Armageddon and one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, namely the one representing Famine. His real name was Bryan Lennox, and he was a cyborg and an A.I. for some time.

Before ArmageddonEdit

Bryan Lennox was born on May 4 in New South Wales, Australia. Just after graduating college, he joined the UNSC as a sniper. While he was never the best sniper in the army, he certainly was not terrible.

After his sister Katie joined the Insurrection, however, Lennox was subject to an investigation. During this time, it is believed that members of the Insurrection staged an assassination attempt on Lennox, causing a terrible accident that left him scarred and mentally incapacitated. Acting quickly, Katie and several members of the then-new Project Armageddon turned Bryan Lennox into a cyborg at the cost of his humanity and many of his emotions. Pleased with their results, the Doktor deemed him worthy of agent status and dubbed him Agent Volgograd.

As an AgentEdit

It is unknown exactly what activities Volgograd took part in as an Armageddon agent and a Horseman. What is known, however, that after the first fall of Armageddon, Volgograd, along with the other Horsemen, was put into cryogenic stasis until such a time as the Doktor deemed them ready for awakening.

Soon after his reawakening, he battled Katie Lennox and Agent Murmansk, both of whom had by that time left Armageddon. He lost both battles and, consumed with anger, blew himself up in an attempt to kill Murmansk. While not truly dead, his body was rendered broken beyond repair from the nuclear explosion.


Volgograd's A.I. form, which he took after his first 'death'.

First RevivalEdit

Volgograd soon came back as an A.I., but an unusual one. Due to his original biological nature, Volgograd was unable to be affected by any sort of EMP.

In this new A.I. form, he possessed not only the original but also the replacement armor of Agent Rhode Island. He also fought alongside Moscow and Ryazan in their mission to kidnap Murmansk and brainwash him back into Armageddon. He was not at the subsequent battle at the Armageddon Facility, nor was he at the later battle which resulted in the Wanderer forcing the Doktor into humanity.

After this latter event, Volgograd made contact with Agent Smolensk, who had stolen the Power Booster Rod from the ruins of the Facility. Together, the two decided to restart Armageddon under Volgograd's leadership.


A Cyclops, the form of which Volgograd took during his time as leader of Armageddon Novus.

Armageddon NovusEdit

In this new Cyclops body, Volgograd recruited several former Freelancers, Armageddon agents, and Insurrectionists to his cause. However, Armageddon Novus was soon broken up by the actions of Agent Iowa and ODST 239, and then taken down for good by Agent Murmansk's killing spree under the influence of the Doktor's energy. Volgograd was one of the ones destroyed in this spree, drawn into a capture unit and then destroyed.


Agent Volgograd's refurbished armor, which he wore after his resurrection by the Head Alien.

The Head AlienEdit

Volgograd's body was soon obtained by the Head Alien and revived using a Resurrection Chamber.

Final DeathEdit

Returned Once MoreEdit