Vermont, real name unknown, joined Project Freelancer as an assassination specialist, able to make impossible shots with little to no effort. Unbeknownst to the other agents, Vermont was actually an smart A.I created from the mind of Katie Lennox, a former ONI Black Ops. operative and one of the founders of the Insurrection. After being created, Vermont was placed inside a humanois robotic body. It is still unknown why the Insurrectionists created her or chose to make her so human.

After the Insurrectionist HG in New Alexandria was attacked and bombed, Katie Lennox took Vermont from the building before it was totally destroyed and hid her in an abandoned base, erasing the A.I's memory before going into hiding. Its unclear how much time passed beore Vermont awoke, but ater doing so and realising what she was, she became a gun or hire before she eventually drew the attention of Dr. Leonard Church, the Director of Project Freelancer, and was recruited. Vermont gained a reputation as a cold hearted bitch amongst those who worked with her. Never gaining a place on the board, mainly due to her insubordinate and reckless attitude, Vermont shpwed a surprisingly tender side when Agent Texas revealed to her what was being done to the Alpha A.I. Vermont was one of the first to join the rebel group that attempted to free the Alpha, but when the plan ailed, she was forced to once again go on the run.


Gender: Female

Assigned A.I: Zeta (Class 1) (Marksmanship)

Assigned Equipment: Super Strength and Speed Unit

Speciality: Assassination

Armour Colour (s): Dark/ Light Pink

Weapons: Dual Magnums and Sniper Rifle