Get that camera out of my face

What the hell are you looking at?

Agent Texas is a member of Project Freelancer and a fragment of Alpha, the AI The Director, Dr. Leonard Church, used, well, tortured, to get more AI's, including Omega, Gamma, Sigma, Delta and many more. Agent Texas was a byproduct of the fragmenting, namingly Alpha's love, a memory of the Director's lost love, Alison.

Agent Texas first fought on the training floor of the Mother of Invention with 3 other Agents, Wyoming, York and Maine. Each round she won, and in the observation decks, other Agents were watching, worrying about their postions on the Board. One particluar Agent was Agent Carolina, who was currently Number 1. The training went well, until Maine and Wyoming switched to live ammo. Texas dodged all the bullets, and a grenade, but that grenade went towards York, and although she tried to help York, he lost vision in his eye. Carolina always did blame Texas.

Agent Texas became Number 1 on a mission, when teams A and B failed to secure the goods. This led to a pure hatred of Texas from Carolina.

Texas went on to assist the Blue Simulation soldiers. Their leader, Church, was Alpha, and beleived Texas was his girlfriend, although she would continually shoot him. Tucker, the inept Private who cared more about sex than war, and defeating the Reds. His son, Jr, who was part of an Covenant mission to re-introduce the Covenant. Caboose, the 'mentally ill' Private from a moon coleny. They were against the Reds, Sarge, the leader. Grif, the lazy Private, Simmons, the kiss-ass Private. Donut, the girly guy. And Lopez, the robot who only speaks Spanish.

Now Agent Texas is working with Agent Pennsylvania, Agent Puerto Rico, Agent Ohio, Agent Michigan and Agent Rhode Island to secure the fate of humanity. Of course, she now spends most of her time in Capture Units, against her will, obviously.

Agent Name: Texas
Real Name: Designated Agent Texas from creation
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Birth: N/A
Affiliation: Rogue Freelancer, Blue Team - Blood Gulch Outpost #1 {C}{C Rank: 1
AI(s): Omega (original AI), Verox (Agent Vermont's shyness), Sierra (Agent Barxeta's AI)
Nationality: N/A
Height: N/A : Numerous bodies and AI forms
Favored weapon: Hand-to-hand combat / any weapon
Enhancements: Active Camo, Teleportation Unit
Status: Rogue