Not much is known about the Armageddon Agent Stavropol except for that he is hi
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ghly dangerous. He alone has killed millions of people, he was the Doktor's (phantom's) specialist for terrorisim, assasination, destruction and many other things that are equally as horrible. He was part of freelancer for some time, known as Agent Reaper. But that all changed when his AI (Satanos) was activated, and forced him to be evil again. He is majorly responsible for Operation: Apocalypse, an operation to end all human life. He was mostly successful. He gained lauch codes from Delta and he wiped out most Human life. He was later killed by Agent Nevada.
Status: Deceased
Afflitation(s) project armegeddeon, project freelancer
Birth date: June 6th

Nationality: Russian

Threat level: ExtremeRV$C

However, he returned to life and was later given the leadership of a certain special operations group of Armageddon, which he called the Shadow.