Agent Smolensk is an agent of Project Armageddon.


Agent Smolensk began life as Jacob Riley, born on September 4 in New Mombasa. As a child, he was very violent, which attracted the attention of the new Project Armageddon. He was inducted at the age of 18 and given the new name Smolensk.

He soon developed a rivalry with the much stronger Agent Murmansk, which culminated in Murmansk dropping a Scorpion on Smolensk in a fit of anger. Crippled for life, Smolensk vowed his revenge on Murmansk.

Soon after the fall of the Doktor, Smolensk found the artifact known as the Power Booster Rod. Absorbing its energy, he found his disability gone and his full strength restored. While the Rod and much of its energy was soon afterward stolen by Agent Saratov, Smolensk kept enough power to be able to bring people back to life, to an extent. With this newfound ability, he and Agent Volgograd started up Project Armageddon Novus.

However, he would soon meet his end at the hands of the very same Agent Murmansk. Murmansk, possessed by the power of the Doktor, stabbed him through the chest with his sword, ending Smolensk's life.