"I'm a murderer, sweetheart. It's what I do."

Agent Ryazan is an Armageddon agent and one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the embodiment of Strife.


Agent Ryazan was born Delilah Morans in Nova Scotia, Canada, on April 23. She was one of the youngest Armageddon agents ever, recruited at age 16 (but before Smolensk cam on board). She was chosen not only for her skills in hacking and cybercrime, but also for her viciousness and overall lack of morals.

At one point during her time at Armageddon, Ryazan and fellow Horseman Agent Murmansk were in a relationship, but they broke up for reasons not entirely explained.


Ryazan, however, still felt certain feelings for Murmansk, and so decided to kill his new love Agent Rhode Island to break his heart. When this failed, she instead chose to kidnap and brainwash Murmansk to bring him back to Armageddon. However, Murmansk recovered from this and killed Ryazan, stabbing her through the heart.


However, this would not deter her, as she managed to rise from the grave and join Armageddon Novus. However, she was never truly active as a Novus member, and indeed never truly did any missions. She met her end by the hand of the power-crazed Murmansk, who stabbed her through the visor with a shadowy claw.