Agent Pennsylvania 3

"I don't care how my life is now, the only thing i care about is being with my friends along the way." ~Agent Pennsylvania

Agent Pennsylvania (A.K.A. Penn) Is one of the agents in Project Freelancer. Her real name before joining was Samantha Starstorm. She is known as Recovery Six (Formally Recovery Four) in Recovery Command. She even had a tie with the Elemental Order. Today, she goes to assist other agents with her useful abilities.

Age: 17

Birthday: Dec. 6

AI: Polaris (AI of Skill and Logic.)

Enhancements: Time Distortion, Invsibility & Healing units

Elemental Enhancements: Mostly Uses Light and Dark

Weapons of Choice: Dual Energy Swords, Sniper Rifle, Magnum and Dual SMGs

Project Freelancer (When first joined)Edit

After Project Freelancer (In hiding/M.I.A)Edit

Joining the Recovery Force (Returning to Project Freelancer)Edit

After returning to project freelancer, Pennsylvania decided on a new resolve. To help the others when they needed it. This soon sparked the idea of her becoming a recovery agent, the sixth one out of several that joined the recovery force. Now known as recovery six, Pennsylvania could show her worth to project freelancer. But things were about to become bumpy upon her return.

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Agent Pennsylvania with her armor

First Mission upon returnEdit

When she came out of hiding, she re-registered herself into the Freelancer Database and explored to find other freelancers to introduce herself. She soon finds out that everything is not right in Project Freelancer.

Budding RomanceEdit

Armageddon EncounterEdit


Ancestry RevealedEdit

Powers DrainedEdit

Ragnarok EncounteredEdit

Powers RegainedEdit

Destiny of a PremierEdit

In Hiding Once AgainEdit

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