Agent North

Agent North Carolina, after being let out of prison.


This is the page about one of the two North Carolinas.)

Agent North Carolina is an agent for Project Freelancer who is constantly missing. Agent North Carolina seems to be related to the dark being DarkStar, who claims to be a future version of North Carolina.

Past LifeEdit

Agent North Carolina was supposedly a prisoner for Project Freelancer before becoming an Agent. He was later informed by Agent Maine that Project Freelancer had been disbanded and that he should no longer be in his cell. The people who had locked him up in prison were the Cataclysts. While he was in his cell, the Doktor tried to contact him and was willing to help him escape, for a price. Agent Puerto Rico informed North not to listen to the Doktor because he was evil, and North did exactly what Rico said to do.


The Cataclysts are a group of soldiers that left Armageddon, while some of them even came from the UNSC and Project Freelancer. They are not very well known, and aren't fought much. The Cataclysts seemed to have captured Agent North Carolina twice, though he has been captured another time by an unknown enemy. He was also captured by Armageddon at one point.


North Carolina has somehow been, reborn. He was not literally reborn, but his mind switched after coming out of his coma. On his posts, he now says short quotes such as, "I am alive, I am corrupt, I am condemned." Very few of his posts do not include three quotes like these.