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Agent Nevada was a great Freelancer given many abilities such as invincibility, teleportation, active camo and other enhancements. Nevada was proven guilty of the terrorist attack in Cuba resulting in the country's destruction, but after later consideration (him breaking out) he was innocent. He was later put back in Freelancer after the encounter with Project Armageddon. Recently, he killed the Gravemind, ended apocalypse and stopped Agent Stavropol.

age: 21
Status: alive
weapon of choice: Sniper rifle or Katana

Height: 7'8"

Birth name: Drake Santarelli

Date of birth: October 14

Nationality: Italian

Afflitation(s):Project Freelancer, Prison Riot

Cuban Fallout and Prison Riot

When Nevada was at the age of 18 he was given a mission to stop a insurrectionist terrorisim attack in cuba, to make a long story short he failed.

When he was imprisioned in the orbital correctional facility 34 he was put behind, dozens of bulkhead doors, turrets, mines, and guards. When he was 20 he decided to break out. He killed 7 guards causing a massive prison riot. In the midst of the chaos he escaped on a prison transport ship

The Guardian

After the Ragnarok awakened, Nevada was given strange powers such as the ability to awaken The Avenger. The role of the guardian is to protect the innocent, the weak, the good.