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" Aw come on!"

Agent Iowa, or Ian Delgado, is a member of Project Freelancer. He can be a bit reckless, but is always trying to help. He has also been a member of multiple organizations including Project Armageddon. 


Ian Delgado was born on April 21st in Davenport, Iowa. Sadly, Ian's parents died when he was only ten. Ian's brother, Matthew, was forced to take care of him on the streets. Ian later was abandonned by his brother, and joined the Insurrection. Throughout the years Ian moved from one organization to another before finally finding his place in Project Freelancer. 


Ian was born with a strange, and extremely rare medical condition. Whenever Ian sees a woman whom he finds attractive, his entire body freezes. The has caused him to lose multiple fights. It also becomes quite annoying when one of his teamates would take advantage of his condition. However, Ian is learning to control his condition more and more.